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April 17 – A big day for taxes

Posted on Apr 3, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, is the deadline for filing certain returns and taking certain tax-related actions. Here are the major deadlines.  * Filing 2011 income tax returns for individuals. If you cannot file your return by this deadline, be sure to file an extension request by April 17. The automatic extension (you don’t need to explain to the IRS why you need more time) gives you until October 15, 2012, to file your return. An extension does not, generally, give you more time to pay taxes you still owe. * Filing 2011 partnership returns for calendar-year partnerships.  * Filing 2011 income tax returns for calendar-year trusts and estates.  * Filing 2011 annual gift tax returns.  * Making 2011 IRA contributions.  * Paying the first quarterly estimate of 2012 individual estimated tax.  * Amending 2008 individual tax returns (unless the 2008 return had a filing extension).  * Original filing of 2008 individual income tax return to claim a refund of taxes. Some taxpayers have tax refunds due them for prior years, and unless a return is filed to claim the refund by the three-year statute of limitations, the refund is lost...

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September 15 is a major tax day

Posted on Sep 6, 2011

Important tax deadlines fall on September 15. Check this list to see if any apply to you or your business:  * The third quarter installment of 2011 estimated income tax is due for individuals.  * September 15 is the filing deadline for 2010 tax returns for calendar-year corporations that received an extension of the March 15 filing deadline.  * September 15 is the filing deadline for 2010 partnership tax returns that had an extension of the April 18 filing deadline.  * The third installment of 2011 estimated tax is due for calendar-year trusts and estates.  Contact our office if you need more information or filing...

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