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Client Testimonials

We believe that to help you preserve your wealth and protect your assets, a good CPA firm must also provide you with great customer service. Read what our clients are saying about us!

  • "My wife and I have been loyal customers of Gilliland and Associates for many years. My wife has trusted Dan with her financials since 2004. She introduced me to Dan when we got engaged in 2007, stipulating that while marriage will require compromise from time to time, one area that is non-negotiable is having Gilliland and Associates as our trusted CPA firm. She added that I won’t be able to find a better CPA firm in town. She was right.

    Dan immediately won me over and he has been our trusted CPA ever since. The words that come to mind when I think of Dan are honesty, integrity and experience. Dan is the utmost professional, and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. But what wins us over year after year are his outstanding qualities of honesty and integrity. We know that we cannot go wrong with Dan on our side.

    He gives us peace of mind which is priceless! We feel so fortunate and blessed to have the best CPA in town! We trust Dan Gilliland implicitly and do not think twice about referring him to our network of family, friends, and business associates."

    ~ Richard H.

  • "I know I had a complicated “set” of returns; I appreciate your patience and professionalism."

    ~ Mike

  • "You went “above and beyond” to help us! The PTA and the students will benefit and I am personally very grateful! God Bless!"

    ~ Tabitha and Allipo

  • "Your professionalism and generosity are very much appreciated."

    ~ Jerry

  • "I just wanted to take a moment to write and tell you how thrilled I’ve been with our experience of having you and your associates working on our taxes. All I can say is “WOW.” So this is what a good experience with an accountant is supposed to be like! I had no idea. Six years in business and our first good experience.

    I hardly gave you any time at all to do our taxes, but you never complained once. When I had questions, you patiently took the time to explain to me and gave very clear answers. That was a first for me. Other accountants did not want to explain things because it takes extra effort to do so and apparently, it offended them when I was asking. They often said, “You don’t seem to trust me.” It’s not about trust, it’s about understanding. I need to understand so I can improve.

    You and your staff were professional, quick, courteous, and patient. You made doing our taxes a lot more pleasant. I’ll give you more than enough time to process our 2009 taxes!!"

    ~ Judy

  • "I would like to extend my thanks for your consultation on 15 July, 08. Your advice on my new business tax, forms and planning questions was really useful. I now have established a L.L.C. with the VA states.

    Thank you again, and best wishes."

    ~ Lucy W.

  • "Thank you for the good advice yesterday surrounding investor short sales.

    You are my tax guy!

    I’m passing your contact info on to clients of mine that have tax questions related to retirement planning. If you hear from Randy and Warna please take great care of them."

    ~ Jason

  • "I know I’ve already mentioned it but Gilliland and Associates is awesome. They respond to emails, get things done in a timely manner. Who knew one could get such service from an accountant!! We certainly never had this before.

    I’ll be getting you our third month filed our on our chart soon."

    ~ TJ

  • "My family and I want to thank you for the outstanding leadership and assistance you have provided! It is a great pleasure and honor to work with you. I look forward to future activities."

    ~ John

Our firm is based in Falls Church, Virginia and has proudly been serving clients since 1987.

For your business or for you personally, Gilliland & Associates, PC offers you personalized professional service. We take a proactive role in guiding you toward financial growth, and we are responsive to your inquiries. Whether you need annual tax preparation, tax planning, financial planning, or auditing and accounting services, you can count on Gilliland & Associates, PC to provide you with professional, profitable service.

Whether you are an individual, a family, a business owner, or a professional advisor, Gilliland & Associates invites you to experience our brand of service.

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