There’s still time to cut your 2011 tax bill

Are you still dealing with your 2011 tax return? Do you owe a bigger tax bill than you expected? Are you missing a tax break because your adjusted gross income is too high? Would you like a bigger refund? Don’t despair. You might still have time to make some changes. For example:

* You have until April 17 to make a tax-deductible IRA contribution for 2011. If you qualify, you could contribute up to $5,000 and have it count as a deduction against last year’s taxes. If you were 50 years old or older last year, your maximum contribution is $6,000.

* Even if you’ve already made your 2011 contribution to a Roth IRA, it may not be too late to make a change. You may be able to recharacterize your contribution as a traditional IRA contribution and take the deduction. You’ll need to set up a traditional IRA, make a trustee-to-trustee transfer, and report it on your 2011 tax return. Get details before you try this to make sure you avoid any tax traps.

*If you’re self-employed, there’s still time to set up a SEP-IRA for your business. You have until the due date of your return, including extensions, to set up the plan and make a contribution from 2011 earnings. SEP-IRAs are relatively easy to establish and flexible to manage.

Contact our office if you’re interested in any of these ideas. We can help determine whether you qualify and guide you through the process.