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IRS Help and Representation Springfield, VA

IRS Help and Representation Springfield VA

Receiving an audit letter from the IRS as a business owner can be extremely stressful. More often than not, dealing with the IRS alone can be a bad idea. Hiring a team of financial professionals like Gilliland and Associates will be the best decision you make when it comes to responding to the IRS.

Included in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights is your right to retain representation against the IRS. As your representatives, we can interact directly with the IRS and provide them the information and explanations about your tax debt on your behalf.

Not sure if you should hire a representative after receiving an IRS tax audit? Two of the types of audits you should look for representation in are

  • In-office IRS Tax Audits: You should consider hiring a representative for this audit because your tax return was chosen by the IRS due to a big enough issue. 
  • Field IRS Tax Audits: You should definitely consider hiring an IRS representative for this type of audit. According to the IRS, there was a large problem with your tax return for an agent to visit your place of work or your home. They will also enter your home and inspect the surroundings for items of value to ensure you’ve reported all of your income. This is a great time to hire an IRS representative. 

If you owe tax debt to the IRS and need help or representation in Springfield, VA, Gilliland and Associates has your back. 

Call (703) 448 – 9121 to discuss your business and individual accounting requirements.

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