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Your estate includes your property, income, and other personal  assets, all of which must be distributed to other parties once you have passed away. One such way to organize this is by placing your assets into a trust that details who receives all or some portion of your estate, along with certain conditions they must follow in order to gain access to it.  

Moreover, there are numerous financial difficulties that can arise in your estate or for the trust you created; difficulties that could disrupt the integrity of either and the long-term stability you desire to leave your loved ones once you are gone. 

What Difficulties Could Arise When Planning An Estate or Trust?

An issue that most estates and trusts deal with are the numerous fees and taxes placed on them, creating uncertainty over the total sum of the assets left behind. However, with an experienced trust and estate planner, you can ensure your assets receive the greatest number of exemptions possible. 

A proper estate and trust planner will also help you find a way to distribute the assets you leave behind in a fair and favorable manner once you have passed away, avoiding the difficulties and confusion that arise from leaving such decisions up to a probate court, which is where such situations are handled when left unaddressed. 

When you work with a Trust and Estate Tax Planning Expert from Gilliland & Associates, we’ll help you make sure your assets remain substantial for those you have left them to, whether it be your family or a charitable foundation you believe in. Contact us at 703-448-9121 to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors or to learn more about our services in Reston, Virginia.

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