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Tax Planning Services Merrifield, VA

Individual Tax Planning Merrifield VA

We make tax planning for individuals easy. Tax planning is a bit different from tax preparation. Tax preparation helps you file your tax returns, and the main goal is to make sure your tax reporting complies with your state tax laws as well as federal tax laws. Tax planning is a service in which our CPAs help you optimize your tax situation before reporting. By doing this, we help you plan out your financial goals for the future.

Tax planning can also reduce your tax liability by ensuring tax efficiency. Reducing your tax liability while maximizing the ability to contribute to different investment plans (such as retirement) are crucial for your own financial success. Financial planning also includes help with budgeting, investing, saving, tax planning, insurance coverage, and much more. 

We make it our business to maintain your accounting records so that your financial information is available when you need it. Hiring a professional to  work with your personal tax planning can save you a great sum of money. Contact us to learn more about how Gilliland and Associates can help you with your tax planning in Merrifield, VA!

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