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Trust Tax Return Services Manassas, VA

Trust Tax Return Services Alexandria VA

“Trusts” or “trust funds” tend to convey a connotation tied to vast wealth and elitism, however it is a common form of estate arrangement that families of all socio-economic backgrounds are able to utilize. At Gilliland & Associates, we help customers organize and settle their financial documentation, such as your annual taxes, as well as assist in finance planning, consulting, auditing, and much more. We desire success and growth for our clients and their families, providing the very best in financial resources and services, including specialized tax services for trusts in Manassas, VA and throughout Northern Virginia. 

What is a Trust? 

Before discussing our services further, it’s important to understand what trusts are. Specifically, a trust is a legal vehicle that allows a thirty party, known as a trustee, to hold on to the assets of one individual for another, the latter known as a beneficiary or beneficiaries. 

What are the Benefits of Getting a Trust Tax Return Service?

Creating a trust can help you reduce taxes, secure your assets, and ensure your children are able to access them easily, without going to probate court. However, in order to do this effectively and with the best results, you should seek the services of a reliable CPA firm, such as our team at Gilliland & Associates. We will ensure you receive the lowest tax rates possible on your estate or trust fund, ensuring your family’s future financial stability.  

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